Cloud-based Issue and Defect Tracking

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AdminiTrack Tour

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Start with the Issues List
Start with the Issues List

The Issues List is the first page you see after signing in to AdminiTrack. From here, you can view issues filtered by various criteria.

Unique to AdminiTrack is the ability to view issues across multiple projects. This helps managers or team leads who may be monitoring multiple projects at any given time.

Each user may be linked to one or more projects. You can limit users to a single project, while others may access several. Combine this with our role-based permissions for powerful access control.

Any Questions?

Please contact us at support@adminitrack.com with any questions you may have. Our expert support staff will respond promptly. We look forward to serving you.

Of course there is nothing like taking it for a free test drive. Smell the leather, listen to the sound system. OK, we don't have those, but the personal test drive is quick and easy. You can be adding team members, defining projects and adding issues in less than 10 minutes.

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