Cloud-based Issue and Defect Tracking

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AdminiTrack's Premier Issue Tracking Service

Instant Web-based Issue and Task Tracking

AdminiTrack provides a hosted Issue and Task/Defect Tracking application using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. There is nothing to download, install and no need for costly servers to maintain or staff to run them. Your team, partners and customers can immediately begin sharing critical business tasks required to ensure your project is a success. And you can do this quickly and with absolutely no risk. Use while you need it and then stop at any time.

How will this help my projects?

Every business or corporate project team has daily issues and tasks to track and resolve regardless of size or industry. What separates the successful teams from the others is how effectively they identify, share and track the problems and actions needed to resolve or complete them. Project teams are like the members of an orchestra. The quality goes way down unless everyone is looking at the same sheet music! Is your business team or project members playing from the same sheet?

Every business group or project teams needs to...

  • Identify issues and tasks that may affect the project
  • Assign responsibility to those who can resolve and complete them
  • Verify issues are resolved and tasks completed satisfactorily
  • Store and share documents from an easily accessible central location
  • Share progress or setbacks in real-time with everyone who needs to know

Issues can be any event, need, task, bug or item that can effect the outcome of a project. If you are developing software for example, then bug and defect tracking may be crucial to your success. If you are working with partner organizations to complete a business process or project, your issues could be loss of personnel, tasks that must be assigned and completed by specific people, or ensuring the requests of customers or associates are recorded and properly addressed.

The tracking and sharing of the information above has been problematic, especially when team members are in different location, mobile or behind different company firewalls. Many have tried using spreadsheets or passing emails around but the information is often out-dated by the time you receive it or get around to sharing it. So how do project teams track and share this type of information with team members effectively? How can you share and track such information in a timely manner with your staff, partners and even customers?

Need more reasons to choose AdminiTrack?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose AdminiTrack over other services. Our track record speaks for itself but just in case you need more convincing...

  • Track issues such as software defects,  enhancements, needed tasks and more 
  • Ready to run "as is" or customizable to meet your business process needs
  • Access the system with a browser anywhere, anytime
  • Very responsive; does not feel like a typical slow web application
  • View issues across multiple projects; create as many projects as you need
  • Quick Stats shows instant project statistics from both personal and global perspectives
  • Powerful, automated, per-project email notifications keeps everyone informed
  • Watch List - Quickly filter on issues that are important to you
  • Add your own custom fields to the many already provided
  • Upload attachments to issues or to the Document Library (project level documents)
  • Export your data to CSV files (Excel compatible) at anytime
  • Create issues from emails; can even add attachments too!
  • Custom Report Designer - design reports and optionally share with others
  • Comments and history record an unlimited dialogue & audit trail of an issue's life
  • Analyze projects using statistics and reports; both standard and custom reports
  • Add both public and private notes or comments to any issue
  • Increased team collaboration and effectiveness yielding high return on investment
  • Reduce clerical overhead and issues/tasks slipping through the cracks
  • Management level reporting and statistics overview
  • Low, predictable cost of ownership
  • No contracts; no risks; stop using the system at any time
  • Fair and easy pricing plans makes predicting costs easy
  • Role-based security provides easy control of user access
  • Powerful searching capabilities - basic, advanced and comments
  • Stable and reliable; near zero maintainability
  • No support costs; email support included in plan pricing
  • Cost effective with no up-front investment and no hidden fees 
  • Share business critical information with partners and customers in real-time
  • Context sensitive help provided throughout the application
  • Users get real-time access to your most up-to-date tasks and assignments
  • System that continually becomes more useable and versatile
  • No training required; Intuitive, even for non-techies; 
  • Enables effective use of a distributed workforce
  • Control which users have access to specific projects, issues, and reports
  • Enhance team productivity and save money

Any Questions?

Please contact us at support@adminitrack.com with any questions you may have. Our expert support staff will respond promptly. We look forward to serving you.

Of course there is nothing like taking it for a free test drive. Smell the leather, listen to the sound system. OK, we don't have those, but the personal test drive is quick and easy. You can be adding team members, defining projects and adding issues in less than 10 minutes.

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